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Tips for Purchasing a Quality Ruby

Ruby is one of the most fashionable and expensive gemstones you can find on the market. These precious red stones with a shimmering inner light have been associated with beauty, love, and value and it is not surprising that they are loved by many including fashion enthusiasts. Additions, which would detract from the magnetism and attraction of other gemstones can bring an inimitable character to a ruby which can be a great selection for your jewelry piece. But, since gem-quality natural rubies, are not common and their demand so high, synthetic and simulations are widespread. Additionally, rubies need to be subjected to more treatment and improvements. As such, it would be wise to know how to evaluate a ruby’s quality before beginning your ruby purchasing adventure, to ensure you don’t end up buying the wrong gems. So how do you identify a quality natural ruby when the process is taxing especially if you are new to the experience? We have put together a list of a few considerations to bear in mind to assist you in choosing a quality ruby.

A good place to commence is finding the right gemstone company if you want the quality and natural ruby. Purchasing your ruby from the wrong gem company will only guarantee failure where you will get a poor quality stone that, meaning you will be getting losses. So, be keen on buying from an experienced and licensed gemstone company because such an organization will be keen on offering clients the best product on the market. Make sure you are checking for certifications as they are a proof that the company the right expertise needed to cut, treat, improve as well as examine the stone to give the best stone. Additionally, look for an experienced gemologist like the rare gemstone company who have polished their skills and knowledge in the department.

Secondly you ought to understand that the color of the stone will vary although the primary color is red. So you have to check what shade red you want. Go for a ruby with an intense, rich red that is not too light or too dim as it is the perfect stone. You don’t want one that is too light or dark as it is less highly valued.

When it comes to buying rubies, you ought to check the clarity of your stone. In the question of clarity, a ruby usually is less clean than sapphire. For certain rubies, tremendously fine silk all over the stone is enough to augment the value. Nevertheless, a lot of the gem exhibit a resilient red fluorescence to daylight which boost the ruby’s beauty measurably. Whereas a definite volume of silk is essential to generate a star effect in star ruby, excess silk thins the color resulting in a grayish effect which is unattractive.
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